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BP Grade Sterile Water

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Purified water (18 mega Ohms) for use with sensitive experimental procedures often needs veryifying as pyrogen free, this is done using the LAL test or Limulus (Horseshoe crab) amoebocyte lysate assay.  The LAL test is extremely sensitive to endotoxins which are the result of bacterial lysis.

BP Grade Sterile Water has endotoxins removed by electrostatic filtration at the final purification stage prior to autoclaving.  The LAL tested water conforms to the standard having less than <0.25EU/ml to ensure the water is of pre-requisite quality.  This product is therefore pyrogen free.  CFU>0 WFi compatible.

LAL (Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate Assy )

CAS 7732-18-5

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