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Silver Staining Kit

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Silver Staining Kit
Product code 30-41-10

The staining kit is used for staining proteins and peptides and detect levels of 0.1-1.0ng of material in SDS Poly acrylamide gel separation.

Contains all solutions for rapid staining and developing of 10x10cm  electro-phoretic gels, with Silver stain and de-staining.

Easy to use step by step  protocol is included with enough volumes to perform multiple staining of gels.

  • Sensitive silver stain – detect proteins at 0.1ng; equal or better sensitivity than coomassie blue dye staining.
  • Clarity & Clear background – method produces intensely-stained protein gels with very low background colour or artefact anomalies
  • Cost effective Performance – reagents and protocol are formulated to yield excellent staining results amidst even wide-ranging differences in user technique costs.
  • Rapid protocol – Protocol takes hours and requires user to complete the entire procedure ,however certain steps and volumes can be performed overnight or shortened with only minimal effects
  • Gel-compatible – staining performance is very good with a variety of commercial precast mini-gels and SDS-PAGE buffer-systems
  • Lab Technique-compatible – mild chemical formulation ensures compatibility with mass spectrometry, sequencing and other subsequent procedures that depend on de-staining and protein recovery. Water de-staining and washing make this a perfect accompaniment to lab procedures.


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