10X Tris-tricine SDS

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Tris-tricine SDS (10X) Solution

(Available as a 1000ml and 5L pack)

Used as a running buffer in electrophoresis of proteins in PAGE proteomics studies as an alternative to Glycine.

Preferred as the running buffer of choice for low molecular weight separation of proteins.

A Tris-Tricine buffer system this gives improved resolution at lower molecular weights whilst retaining excellent resolution at the high molecular weights.
Separation pattern is similar to that produced by a conventional  buffer systems, but offers improvements with lower mw protein separation.
Available as a 10X solution dilutete 1x for use.
Store at room temperature and dilute just prior to use with 18MOhms DD H2O.
or equivalent.
(See also Tris-Tricine buffer 20-6700-10)