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Exofoliate Urine Cytology Screening (info)

Bladder Cancer
Internationally, the incidence of bladder cancer varies substantially. The highest rate of bladder cancer is registered in Europe and North America. Bladder cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer in the U.S and UK.
Each year, 70,000 new cases of bladder cancer are diagnosed and more than 14,680 die annually.
Bladder cancer is more common among men than women. It is the 4th most common type of cancer diagnosed in men and the 11th most common type of cancer diagnosed in women. The 5 year survival rate is 79.3 percent.

Bladder cancer is successfully treated with minimal side effects if detected in the early stages. When the cancer is more advanced, it is difficult to treat and involves extensive procedures.


Exfoliate Urine Cytology Screening

OHSS-Severn Biotech Ltd Testing Facility.
(Occupational Health and Screening Service)

Severn Biotech ltd has been successfully engaged over the last 10 years, in a Bladder cancer screening programme. The company has been providing a service for the preparation of microscope slide samples, which have been used in Cytology for the screening and diagnosis of Bladder Cancer.

The work has involved checking the health of over 6000 workers, who have a past history of being exposed to carcinogens in various industries. This means we have prepared over 60,000 tests.

This work has been ongoing and the main body involved has been an OHSS- Severn Biotech Ltd service, employing experienced Cytologists, to screen and diagnose the prepared samples.

The small changes in cells are the key to diagnosing abnormal changes which can lead to bladder cancer. OHSS-Severn Biotech is a key player in making this screening service one of the best available.

This service is now being expanded to include additional sampling from other sources, who are looking to outsource manual testing. By doing this we are also raising the awareness of this disease, which can only be a benefit to routine screening.

Our aim is to help ensure this disease can be diagnosed early and treated accordingly and thereby significantly reduce the incidence of bladder cancer.

If you need to get privately tested or you would like more information you can do so by contacting Severn Biotech Ltd:-

Tina Threipland
Operations Director
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Mr. A. Smart, BSc (Hons), MSc. M.IoD.
Managing Director, OHSS- Severn Biotech ltd. Tel: 01869 226544.

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Exo-foliate Urine Cytology Testing Ordering

Test Kits P.O.A
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A urine cytology test kit is supplied by post, it is used to evaluate epithelial cells known as urinary sediment, which is shed in urine and collected for testing.

The presence of cancerous cells can be determined from testing these cells, however, there are limitations and low grade cancer cells can are difficult to identify.

What you receive?
A Urine sample test kit is supplied with detailed instructions of how to take the sample and return the sample for testing.

Laboratory Analysis
The cells are taken from the sample and used to prepare microscope slides for Cytology testing and analysis.

We ask you to fill in details about yourself, which covers important areas which can help lead to a speedy interpretation of results.

Results are interpreted and fully explained via confidential consultation with a medical advisor, results can be then passed onto your GP and further testing arranged.

BTA Testing 
Bladder Tumour Antigen Testing (BTA) 
Bladder Cells which have mutated are not necessarily cancerous and can be seen by cytology. Additionally, pre-cancerous cells can exhibit properties which indicate they will cause problems and can be screened for using a test for Bladder Tumour Antigens (BTA). BTA testing looks for proteins in Urine that indicate early onset and used in conjunction with Cytology testing is a more comprehensive test regime for bladder cancer.
Bladder Tumour Antigen Testing (BTA testing)  
Severn Biotech’s laboratories routinely conduct BTA testing for the analysis and screening of urine samples for the presence of bladder tumours. The test uses mono-clonal antibody technology which is specific for a protein only secreted by the bladder tumour cells. If present the test presents the result in a quick easy to visualise manner, which has a very high success rate and is non invasive. As an initial screening test combined with cytological Screening the BTA test offers a combined approach to bladder cancer testing, offering rapid screening, prior, to further testing, should this be required.  BTA test examination is done in real time and a hard copy of the test result can be archived if necessary.
Test samples can be processed within 48 hours and samples are required to be expedited to achieve a maximum performance for the test.
Test Kits P.O.A
(Order Code BTA01)