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Hydrazide Gel ™ Kit



Hydrazide Gel Kit contains all the components required to make, use, and store Hyrazide Affinity gel columns used in affinity purification procedures.


Hydrazide Gel is a high efficiency glycoprotein binding medium, which will bind oxidised sugar molecules in the glycosyl groups of Anti-bodies and does not bind to amino acids .This important function makes it specific to immune-globulins where the glycosylated area is distinctly located away from the hyper-variable binding region. By using Hydrazide gel to exploit this antibodies may be linked to a solid phase support via the oxidised glycosyl groups. Thus preserving the antibody integrity, which no other linking method can guarantee.


The method employs the oxidation of sugar molecules with sodium meta-periodate which converts vicinal pairs of hydroxyl groups to aldehydes, (-CHO),it is these which bind hydrazide agarose.


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