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Severn Biotech supply a range of laboratory solvents specialising in alcohols such as BP Ethanol, Absolute Ethanol, IDA (Industrial Denatured Alcohol) Denatured Ethanol B (TSDA) and Methanol.  We are licensed to supply Duty Free Spirit  to other DFS licence holders and have a Customs and Excise Trade Warehouse facility for Absolute Alcohol and DFS.

Ethanol Solutions

Ethanol Solutions can be used in a multitude of different laboratory functions, from cleaning to sterilisation procedures.  Alcohols like ethanol are known to be optimally batericidal between concentrations of 50% to 80%.  They work by denaturing proteins, affecting cell membranes, enzymes and enzymatic binding sites.  They also have a lytic effect on the phosphor-glycerol lipid bi layer of bacterial membranes.

Alcohols represent a number of substances, which most rapidly and effectively reduce the number of microorganisms on surfaces.  They are micro-biocides against bacteria including mycobacteria fungi and non-lipid containing viruses.

Ethanol has broad-spectrum bactericide properties and is prepared to a 70% v/v absolute alcohol concentration in our spray formula, which is both convenient and easy to use.

  • shelf life of approximately 2 years
  • convenient and easy to use
  • evaporates leaving no residues
  • perfect for disinfecting surfaces e.g tissue culture microbiology labs

Should your lab require bespoke alcohol solutions manufactured to specific formulations please contact our sales office for a quotation.  We can manufacture to any volume or pack size required.