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SB Recovery Gel Agarose

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SB Recovery Agarose: Product Code 30-14-50

CAS 9063-31-4

This is a low melting temperature agarose, which allows for the recovery of undamaged nucleic acids at a temperature lower than their denaturing temperature.

Low gelling/melting point agarose, SB Recovery  grade has one of the highest resolving capacities for small fragments

  • Separation range: 200 – 800 bp
  • Optimum gel concentration: ≥ 2% 
  • Gelling temperature (4%): ≤ 35°C 
  • Melting temperature (4%): ≤ 65°C

Applications: electrophoresis of DNA fragments ≤ 1000 bp; In-Gel enzymatic processing (digestion, ligation, PCR). Analysis and recovery of small DNA fragments for further applications

Wide Range Low Melting Point temp agarose 200bp-25kb range. Idea l for DNA and RNA recovery  it is also useful in viral plaque assays and cloning.

EEO= 0.05-0.13, Sulphate content <0.1% , Gel Strength >2500g/cm,  Gelling Temp. 36+/- 1.5C.


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