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Formamide – Deionised


Molecular Biology Reagent Formamide like urea this disrupts hydrogen bonds and is useful as a mild denaturant for nucleic acids and used for estimation of single stranded DNA. This is supplied de-ionised.

Technical Specification

M.W.                                        45.04
Purity                                       99.5%
Conductivity                           0.1micro-siemens
Melting Range                      1-3°C
A280 (1.0M, water)               < 0.05
Copper                                   < 0.00001%
Iron                                          < 0.00005%
Heavy metals (as Pb)          < 0.00005%
Zinc                                         < 0.00005%
RNase & DNase                  none detected
0.2micron Filtered

Storage                                  4°C


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