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Acrylamide Powder


Molecular Bilogy Reagent Acrylamide Powder is of the highest purity and Nuclease tested and suitable for all forms of electrophoresis PAGE including IEF 2D slab gels and DNA sequencing.

Technical Specification

M.W                                    71.08
Purity                                 99.9%
Melting Range                  84-86C
PH                                       5.5-6.5
Moisture                            0.04%
Acrylic acid                     <0.001%
Heavy Metals
Pb                                      <0.0001%
Iron                                   <0.0001%
Rnase,                              None Detected
Dnase,                              None Detected
Protease                          None Detected
Storage                            Room Temperature

CAS 79-06-1


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