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Glycerol BP


Glycerol BP Grade 

Propane 1,2,3 -triol 

C3H8O3 (Glycerine)

MW 92.09 

Purity >99.8%

CAS Number  56-81-5


Used in laboratories both food  pharmaceutical, and molecular biology.

Glycerol has many uses.Glycerol is suitable for the concentration and storage of enzymes at low temperatures. 

A 50% (v/v) solution will not freeze at -20°C. This is because it has a density of 1.26 g/ml.

Glycerol frequently is used as a component in electrophoresis loading buffers. 

Glycerol gradients can be used in proteomics to purify proteins, 

DNase None detected.

RNase None detected.

Trace metals <0.05ppb

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