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Sodium Azide is widely used as a preservative and deemed to be less hazardous when used as a solution.  Suitable for gel filtration, Chromatography, Antibody Preservation, Molecular and Cell Biology and General Biological use.

It is typically used at a working strength of 0.01%, diluted down from a concentrate, this is then used in column storage (gel filtration, Silica column etc) where antimicrobials are pre-requisite to stop biological degradation.  This is then washed from the column prior to use with a buffer or sterile water.

Sodium Azide solution is available as a 1%, 8% and 9.75% (1.5m) solution.  The more concentrated forms have applications in Antibody preservation.

We also supply the powder product for workers wishing to make their own formulations.  Also available as an alternative to Sodium Azide solutions is Thiomersal.

All solutions are ready to dilute to the required strength and 0.2 micron filtered.