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SBP0254 – Prolactin Releasing Peptide-31 (PrRP-31), bovine

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SBP0254 – Prolactin Releasing Peptide-31 (PrRP-31), bovine
MW: 3576.5
PrRP-31 and PrRP-20 are the first reported hypothalamic peptides that exclusively stimulate the release of prolactin from the pituitary without affecting that of other known hypophyseal hormones. Interestingly, the discovery of these peptides is an example of an orphan peptide receptor being used to identify its own ligand. Working backwards from the human orphan receptor, hGR3, Hinuma et al. (1998) identified a peptide ligand in bovine hypothalamic extracts. After isolation of the respective cDNA in bovine brain, they were able to identify the 31-amino acid peptide (PrRP-31) and 20-amino acid fragment (PrRP-20) corresponding to this sequence. The peptide sequences are reported to be highly conserved in other species (human, rat). PrRP-31 has been shown to stimulate prolactin release from a rat pituitary RC-4B/C adenoma cells, from anterior pituitary cells from lactating rats, and from rat pituitary cells in a perfusion assay.
Hinuma, S. et al. (1998) Nature 393, 272.