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Acrylamide Polymerisation Sachet

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The standard method of Acrylamide/ bis-acrylamide polymerisation to form a Poly-Acrylamide gel from an aqueous Acrylamide solution is by the addition of the initiators TEMED and Ammonium Persulphate. (APS) 

This catalyses the Acrylamide solution, to form a Poly- Acrylamide Gel.  TEMED and APS are added in very small quantities in order to optimise polymerisation. The combined polymerisation initiators have now been packaged together into a convenient sachet to avoid weighing and measuring the correct quantities required. 

Each sachet contains 80 micro-litres of TEMED and 100mg of APS. For larger volumes simply add the equivalent number of additional sachets.

Odour Free Sachets

Non Hazardous Shipping

Stable at room temperature. 

Shelf Life approximately 6 months.

General Storage: Store in a fridge at 4C

For laboratory use only.

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