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Tris Buffered Saline 10X  (TBS)
(Autoclaved Sterile)

Tris Buffered Saline 10x concentrate has a number of uses and is supplied as a concentrate to dilute to (10X)  to working strength. Please specify the required pH when ordering if different from that supplied.

TBS: 1 L of 10X  (Tris Buffered Saline) is a pH stabilizing solution used for western blot and ELISA procedures. It is an optimal formulation of salts and pH stabilizers which enable washing without disruption of antibody-antigen binding interactions.

Prior to use, dilute to a 1x solution with RO H20. Filter solution through a 0.2 micron filter into a sterile flask. Makes 10 L of 1X TBS buffer. Store the buffer solution at +4°C. Final (1X) pH 7.4 ±0.2 (25°C), may need slight pH adjustment.
Technical Data

Appearance: Liquid
pH: When diluted to a 1X concentration, the pH will be ~7.4.
Storage: Store at 4° C


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