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4% Paraformaldehyde, in 1X PBS PH7.4 Solution

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4% Paraformaldehyde, in 1X PBS PH7.4 Solution


Store: Room temperature, then once opened store 4% paraformaldehyde in the dark and the cold (4OC)
Long term storage aliquot and store frozen at -20OC. Clear colourless solution.


This reagent is a 4% Paraformaldehyde, in 1X PBS which is a ready-to-use fixation solution for cells or tissues and used to preserve cells in routine histology.
It is electron microscopy-grade ultra-pure paraformaldehyde dissolved in in PBS 1X (Phosphate Buffered Saline) pH 7.4 (range 7-7.6) which does not contain added methanol.
This pre-prepared histology buffer can be used at room temperature.
• Methanol-free Histology/Pathology
• Prepared from EM Ultra-Pure grade paraformaldehyde
• Safer and more convenient than handling paraformaldehyde.
Use of 4% paraformaldehyde can improve consistency in both the physical and chemical properties of the cell, reducing changes in chemical and morphology characteristics of the cells and tissues.

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