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Bio-PAG Film

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Bio-PAG Film is a flexible, nonporous support film for poly-acrylamide gels. The film provides easier handling of the gel to reduce tearing throughout electrophoresis process. This includes fixing, staining, de-staining and drying. After drying, gels remain adhered to the Bio-PAG substrate retaining size and shape. The exception being thickness which reduces in size during drying. The film helps improve archiving, documentation and scanning to give greater reproducibility. Simply cast your gels onto the transparent Bio-PAG polyester film, the poly-acrylamide will be covalently bonded to the proprietary Bio-PAG surface during polymerization creating a flexible, robust, permanent and easy to use gel.

Bio-PAG Film Properties

Can be used in denaturing and non-denaturing electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing.

Supports the use of poly-acrylamide (T) concentrations from 3% to 12%.

Has a shelf life of 24 months when stored dry and in a dark location.

Remains stable up to temperatures of 110 degrees C.

Will not transmit light less than 310 nm and will flouresce at higher wavelengths.