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SB Molecular Biology Grade Agarose

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500g pack size

SB Molecular Biology Grade Agarose:  Product Code 30-10-10

(CAS Number  9063-31-4)

General purpose Molecular Biology Grade Agarose used for a number of routine assays and separation used for Northern and Southern Blotting (DNA 500BP-23Kb) techniques and protein gels in general molecular biology.

General Properties

  • Molecular Biology agarose for routine analysis of nucleic acid fragments
  • Separation range: ≥ 1,000 bp 
  • Optimum gel concentration: 0.75%, 1% and 1.25% 
  • Gelling temperature (1.5%): 36 ± 1.5°C 
  • Melting temperature (1.5%): 88 ± 1.5°C

Applications: suitable for nucleic acid electrophoresis, blotting and radial immuno-diffusion of proteins.

EEO = <0.14, Sulphate content <0.11% , Gel Strength >1100g/cm,  Gelling Temp. 34-38C.

Concentrations used vary depending upon resolution required
e.g. 2% w/v Gel 50-2000BP, 1.5% w/v  Gel 150-3500BP, 1%w/v Gel  300-8000BP.

This is similar for different buffer systems using 1X TBE or 1X TAE running buffers.

Dry Powder Shelf Life Expiry:  Retest after 5 years