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Protein A



Severn Biotech immobilised Protein A

Product Protein A
Pack Size 100ml
Price POA
Catalogue number: AB600

All Protein A resins are designed to significantly reduce the cost of the Protein A capture step without sacrificing the industry’s demands for quality, safety, and supply expectations.

    •    Reliable performance: high dynamic binding capacity, and low protein A leaching
    •    Reduction in protein A resin cost
    •    Manufacturing process that meets ISO9001:2008 quality system standards
    •    Product  continuity within batches.
    •    Products supported by Reliable performance, capacity, flow rates and low leaching

Protein A ligands developed by Severn Biotech has tried and tested and accepted. The base beads and immobilized chemistries, are able to comply with the industry’s demand for reducing the cost of the protein A capture step. Protein A purification   is suitable immobilisation columns ELISA kits and for the detection IgG purification columns using protein A.


Base Matrix 4% highly cross-linked agarose bead

Particle Size: 45-165 μm

Ligand Recombinant native Staphylococcus Protein A (rSPA) expressed in E.coli Recombinant equivalent to the native Protein A Contains all five immunoglobin binding domains E,D,A,B,C) Attachment via reductive amination (multi-point attachment)

Dynamic Binding Capacity: 44 mg hIgG/ mL at 6 min retention time

Protein A Leaching <10 ng/mg IgG

Caustic Stability 100 cycles with 0.1M NaOH

Recommended Flow – Velocity: 20-300 cm/hr

Recommended pH – Working: 3-10, Cleaning-in-Place: 2-11, Temperature Stability: 4-40 C

Pack Size: