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Customised Gel Formulation Service     


If the Acrylamide gel Solution you require is not listed in the shop or catalogue you may like to consider utilising our Custom Gel Formulation Service.

Different workers need different formulations of Acrylamide Gel which can be made to order as as bespoke product.  This service allows the use of alternative cross-linkers, or the inclusion of other chemical products such as SDS, Bromophenol Blue or sucrose for example.

Whatever your requirement, Severn Biotech will provide the correct concentration of gel plus any additions to match your specific needs.  As with our standard solution, bespoke products are designed to give reproducible results in all forms of experimental procedure as they are made from Ultra-pure components.  Each lot is tested for DNase, RNase and Proteases.  Solutions are all filtered through both 0.45 and 0.2 micron filters to eliminate particulates and bacteria.

Customised Buffer Formulation Service                                                    

Also available is a customised buffer formulation service which includes buffers for gel electrophoresis, nucleic acid hybridisation and a variety of Cell Biology applications i.e Phosphate Buffered Saline/Sodium Azide Solution.

At Severn Biotech we can manufacture bespoke buffers specific to individual requirements.  Bespoke products can either be supplied  as liquid working solutions, liquid concentrates or powders.

General Customised Reagent Products

Many reagent products can be made to order.  The list we manufacture is growing rapidly.  All we require is the formulation, specifications and necessary testing required for your QC department, so for further details and a written quotation please use  our Contact Us/Order Enquiry form  or add this to the cart and put the relevant information in the comments section.