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SBP0053 – [Cys(Et)2&7]-α-CGRP, human

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SBP0053 – [Cys(Et)2&7]-α-CGRP, human
MW: 3848
This peptide is a potent CGRP-2 receptor agonist. The CGRP alpha analogue exhibits a high potency to inhibit the rat vas deferens twitch response, but induces only a slight inotropic effect in guinea pig atrium even at very high concentrations. It also competes with labelled hCGRP alpha with high affinity for binding sites in rat brain
homogenates. These results suggest that this analogue will be valuable in assessing the functional relevance of
CGRP-2 receptors.
Dumont et al. (1997) Can. J. Physiol.Pharmacol. 75, 671-676.